July 2018  
Co-Presidents' Monthly Column

July 2018          


With summer comes the start of a new church year and this year, new congregational leadership in the form of co-presidents.  We know many of you but there are many others that we have yet to know and we thought we would start out by sharing a little about ourselves.

I (Maggie) emigrated from The Cape Verde Islands at a young age and was raised in Bridgeport, CT. I have had a long career in nursing, LPN to RN to Nurse Practitioner. I now work as the nurse in a small elementary school in Salem.  I smile a lot every day!

My husband Chris and I moved to New London and found All Souls around 2004. We were embraced by the community and felt that we had found our spiritual home. Five years later because of a job change and the desire to be closer to our daughters and grandchildren we moved to White Plains, NY.  We continued to attend the Unitarian Universalist Church in that community but always felt a tinge of homesickness for All Souls.

We never gave up our house in New London and three years ago, we returned and immediately found our way “home” to All Souls.  What a joy to reunite with old friends and to see so many new faces and a growing and vibrant community doing exciting work.  I am honored to be able to serve this congregation and look forward to hearing your stories.

I (Laurel), am a social worker by training and have been coming to All Souls for close to two decades.  We began attending when our children were young, wanting them to have a religious education experience.  Seeing my 15 year old Ella deliver her credo to the congregation at the Coming of Age service, alongside the other inspiring young people in the group, made me deeply grateful that we crossed the threshold those many years ago, and kept coming.  My son Bennett also completed Coming of Age and he is now in college, finding his way in the world.  My work is in the field of community health, which is part health promotion, part public health, and part kitchen sink.  I am involved in a number of regional partnerships and love the fact that All Souls is such an engaged, active, and caring congregation, evidence of which I see regularly.  I live in Mystic with my husband Doug, Ella, and our rescue Labrador Baloo.

Some have asked both Maggie and I, “How are you going to share the president’s role?” and we have replied that, “We will figure it out.”  We have a terrific Board of Trustees and make really good team.  As co-presidents of the congregation, we seek to listen to your perspectives and to be responsible stewards of our resources.  This will be a leadership journey and a learning experience for all of us.  Thank you for your vote of confidence.


Maggie Clouet

Laurel Holmes