January 2019   
Co-Presidents' Monthly Column

January 2019          


These dark days of the year invite introspection.  Darkness, and the turning of the New Year and, for me a birthday, all conspire to push me to reflect on the year past.  What did I accomplish?  When was I my best self?  How did I fall short?  I find myself revisiting memories, re-reading journals, looking through pictures, and thinking about what lies ahead.

I read recently that only about 40% of Americans make a New Year’s resolution each year.  Six months later, fewer than half of those are still sticking with it.  What makes the difference between a resolution one can keep and one that falls by the wayside?

Some years ago, exasperated by many resolutions gone by, a friend and I decided to make resolutions that we could actually keep.  So, for several years running, we had resolutions like “use more moisturizer” and “keep our eyebrows neat.  While amusing ourselves, we also realized that we weren’t changing the world with such promises.

At All Souls we do seek to make change.  We have covenanted together to create a welcoming, caring, justice-seeking community within and beyond these walls.  I believe that the difference between a resolution that falls away and one that can be kept has to do with community.  Resolutions made in community carry more weight and are harder to let go because doing so would mean letting others down.

In the last year, All Souls has taken bold steps and made bold resolutions.  We have resolved to become a sanctuary congregation and to welcome those who have nowhere else to turn.  On this we will not turn back.  So many have stepped forward to contribute their time and resources.  The board is ready to convene on a moment’s notice to act on the congregations wishes.  We are ready to serve.  We have also resolved to move forward toward a capital campaign in order to realize the space that will truly serve our mission.  Early in January, Souls will be interviewed for the feasibility study aspect of the process. Depending on the outcome, the next steps of the capital campaign will follow, hand in hand with our annual stewardship campaign.  Again, many Souls have spent much time and energy to make this all happen.

So, in these dark days I invite you to reflect on the year gone by, on what All Souls means to you, and to think about how you will help All Souls to keep our resolutions.  As a community we can accomplish all that we resolve to do.

Peace and Light,

Laurel Holmes, co-president