February 2018  
Circle Suppers


What is a circle supper, you ask?

A "Circle Supper" is a fellowship opportunity where you get to host or be a guest at someone's home for a potluck supper. It's an opportunity to meet less formally and make new friends. It's an All Souls tradition!

Hosts provide the venue and the drinks, guests provide a dish,
and everyone provides conversation, laughter and an all-around good time.


Our next Circle Supper will be Saturday, March 24

Circle Suppers are simply a gathering of All Souls members and friends/congregants to share a meal at the home of a host congregant.  Hosts provide a venue, guests provide the food and all provide a evening of good conversation and lots of fun.  It's a great way to get to know other congregants in an informal setting.

Sign-up sheets for both hosts and guests for this Circle Supper will be available before and after Sunday services on March 3rd and March 10th.   If you are not able to make these services, you may contact Moira Herbert directly at , however sign-ups must be completed by March 15th to participate. We make considerations for those needing rides, diet restrictions, or pet allergies.  Also, we do not expect that everyone can reciprocate by hosting...don't let that stop you from participating.

Anyone who participated in any of our 2017 Circle Suppers will be emailed an invitation to participate and can respond to Moira directly without needing to use a sign-up sheet.  If you do not receive an email by March 4th, you are not yet on our list of sign-ups but we would love to hear from you!

However, WE NEED HOSTS. If you can accommodate four or more people at your table it's a great experience and very easy. The party comes to you!

All are welcome! Questions:  contact Moira Herbert.


Look for flyers and sign up sheets in the hall.