January 2018  
A Welcome from Reverend Carolyn Patierno

Hello!  And welcome to All Souls New London.  We know that many seekers first come through our doors through this virtual portal.  I hope you will sense our welcome and be moved to join us in our congregation’s life.

I have served this congregation since 2001 and have witnessed remarkable evidence of welcoming, caring, and justice seeking – the core of the mission we live.  All Souls is a lively place, where all souls are welcome. 

For some of you, curiosity may be driving your search.   Perhaps you have young children that you would like to raise within the embrace of a faith community.  Perhaps you were raised in a tradition that no longer speaks to you.  Maybe you are new to Southeastern Connecticut and hope to connect with others.  Or perhaps you were raised Unitarian Universalist and now seek to return after an absence. 

Or perhaps you are experiencing some difficulty in your life and would like to lay your burden down. 

Whatever your reason, you are welcome.

Sunday morning services are the glowing center of our congregational life. Enlivened with music, story, and sacred text drawing from the world’s faith traditions, it is “time to pay attention to one’s life” – as a wise congregant once described – and to shore up strength for the week ahead.  At All Souls we remind ourselves and each other that “church” is really what happens when we leave the building and use what we have received at All Souls to bless the world. 

I hope that you will join us at either one of our services at 9:30 a.m. & 11:15 a.m.   Religious education for children and nursery care for infants and toddlers is offered at the first service.  During the summer months, from late May til early September we have one worship service at 10 am.

And there are other events, programs and ways of serving that will give you a taste of what makes All Souls a safe port for seekers. 

I hope to see you soon.

In faith,

Reverend Carolyn Patierno