July 2017  
Minister's Monthly Column

  Summer 2017 Message from Reverend Carolyn

The opposing of peach and sugar, and the sun inside the afternoon like the stone in the fruit..
The ear of corn keeps its laughter intact, yellow and firm.
The little boys eat brown bread and delicious moon.
Federico Garcia Lorca

July. August.
Summer is upon us. It is time for rest and recreation. Re-create yourselves, Dear Souls. Re-create yourselves as the young ones who without care eat brown bread … and watermelon and peaches and summer corn … and, of course, the delicious moon.

Feast on the earth’s harvest and give thanks for your good fortune. Drink up the delicious moon and stars in the quiet of a summer night. Find a festival to amble through whether to hear beautiful music or to see beautiful art or to eat Food Truck treats. See your neighbors in a different light.

In fact, invite your neighbor for some iced tea … or coffee … or wine. The neighbor you’ve been meaning to welcome to the neighborhood properly or the one who seems to do so much for so many and asks so little in return.

Find a new way to serve. Investigate some task about which you’ve been curious. Seize summer’s slower pace to learn something new.

Go to the beach. Stare out at the water.

And come to church. All Souls is not seasonal, after all. The summer worship offerings are excellent – as ever – and you’ll hear from a variety of Souls who will surprise and move you. The youngest children will enjoy Summer Fun and Games in a relaxed atmosphere that allows for community building. Small Group Ministry opportunity will follow each service – a chance to share experiences that relate to the worship service’s topic – and to check out Small Group Ministry if you’ve not participated before!

In July I’ll be back on the sidewalk, out in the neighborhood staffing the weekly All Souls Lemonade Stand. I kid you not: I look forward to breaking out that lemonade stand all year. It is a chance to meet and greet our neighbors over a cup of sweetness. Rev. Caitlin and I make a (loose) practice of holding our weekly meeting out there at the stand. Our work is interspersed with greetings and introductions and general neighborliness. It’s wonderful.

 I hope that your heart will sing this summer. That you will refresh and restore your sense of self and purpose. That you’ll eat some peach raspberry pie (Kate’s favorite) and dig into a generous helping of sweet peace. Love and Summer blessings to you,    Carolyn