September 2017  
Minister's Monthly Column

September Message from Reverend Carolyn

The light of a candle               

is transferred to another candle—spring twilight.

                                      Yosa Buson - 1716 - 1784

I stand outside my home in the dark of night holding my solitary candle.  I am doing so because Heather Heyer’s dearly beloved asked that we do so:  witness outside of our homes at 10:00 p.m. Sunday, August 13 to signal our commitment to defeat fascism and hate in our country.

As the world now knows, Heather Heyer was martyred in Charlottesville, VA on August 12.   Her voice, as her mother so beautifully proclaimed, has been magnified in death.   

I look up and down the street where I live and see that mine is the only candle burning.  That’s okay.  It has been a long and dreadful weekend.  I am grateful for this quiet witness.  It is balm for my suffering heart.

Beloveds, these are the hard times for which we have prepared together in community lo, these many years.  We are prepared.  And what we are not is helpless.  We are as powerful as the love we generate on Sunday morning from:  “Welcome to All Souls where all Souls are welcome” to “Go in peace and return again with joy.” 

Helplessness is not going to get us through all the tumult and strife.  Besides, we want more than to merely “get through”, don’t we?  Don’t we want to create the world we’ve dreamed of where the inherent worth and dignity of all people is respected and honored? 

Yes, we do.

The road is long but we will prevail.  Together.  And this is how: we will live our lives as a prayer, with intention, kindness, compassion, and Love.  We will inspire ourselves and each other to lift our voices, to magnify our voices for justice and peace. 

We will beat down helplessness one candle, one vigil, one petition, one act of social justice at a time. 

We are not helpless.

I have heard many Souls give thanks for All Souls in the midst of this turmoil.  I too am grateful.  I’m grateful for the example of building Beloved Community that pulses with the power of love and the audacity to keep hope kindled. 

That’s what living in religious community is all about.  It’s knowing that we are not helpless because from a single candle comes light that is transferred to another candle, until the dark night turns to spring twilight. 

We are moving toward spring twilight and your light is needed to ensure that we get there, dear Souls. 

Keep showing up.  Show up to shore up on Sunday mornings. Show up to vigil for all that is good because seriously:  the whole world is watching. 

We will gather the waters on September 10, a ritual that reminds us of the power of joining together.  We will come bearing pies that will have been baked in prayerful meditation.  We will put our money together to benefit the Southern Poverty Law Center. 

We will not be moved.

Keep on, Dear Souls.

                                                            With you with Love,  Carolyn