June 2018  
Monthly Religious Education News

June 2018

Religious Education

All Souls Unitarian Universalist religious education
nurtures liberal religious discovery and the spiritual development of children and youth.


Religious Education News from Reverend Caitlin
From Nursery through High School


Dates to Remember

June 3: Last day of formal Sunday School for the season (during 10 a.m. service)

June 10: Coming of Age service; one 10 a.m. multi-generational service

June 17: Flower Communion with bridging ceremony for youth group seniors; one 10 a.m. multi-generational service

June 24: “Summer Fun & Games” begins – children entering 5th grade and younger engage in activities and crafts during the 10:00 a.m. service. Children and youth 6th grade and older are invited to attend the worship service.

As I write my final Religious Education column, I am very aware of the marking of a transition time for us at All Souls. I’m grateful to be able to continue to serve this congregation with a new focus on pastoral care, building on the connections we’ve forged together over 6 years now. I also look forward to welcoming our new Director of Faith Formation, Perry Montrose, who will bring his unique gifts and ideas to the ministry of Religious Education at All Souls. He will start on August 1.

I will always take an interest in our children and youth, and I will continue to serve as a pastoral support to them and their families. As our leadership team transitions, I ask that you join me in welcoming Perry to the Religious Education helm, and in deferring to him when it comes to the vision and program details of our Religious Education ministry. Arlene Stoltz and I will do our best to help Perry to “hit the ground running,” including recruiting many of our fall teachers by the end of June. Please contact me if you’d like to consider teaching as an adventure in your own faith formation this coming year!

The much-anticipated “Coming of Age” service will take place on Sunday, June 10th at 10 a.m. During this multi-generational service, our 9th and 10th graders will share their personal faith statements. We will have programming for children 2nd grade and younger to stretch their legs outside of the service as well.

The following Sunday, June 17, will be one 10 a.m. multi-generational Flower Communion service, which will include a bridging ceremony for our youth group seniors and a time to thank the more than 50 volunteers who make Religious Education at All Souls possible!

On Sunday June 24, we begin our summer format of “Summer Fun and Games,” concurrent with the 10 a.m. summer services. This is a more relaxed format where we check in with one another in a morning circle, and then engage in activities and crafts in a one-room-schoolhouse context. Children entering 6th grade and older are invited to experience the worship service with their families. We ask for two adult volunteers per summer Sunday to support the “Summer Fun & Games” experience. Please pick a Sunday to help and share in the fun!

Below, I hope you’ll enjoy a brief summary of our final Sunday School sessions for June 3rd:

In PreK/Kindergarten, we will hear the story, “The Big Splot,” which is about expressing who you are and not trying to be just like everyone else. It lifts up each person’s individual worth, echoing our first UU principle, “the inherent worth and dignity of every person”.

In the 1st-2nd grade “Our Whole Lives” sexuality and faith course, we will talk about the rites of passage that families celebrate, create a class quilt project, and have a closing “group birthday celebration” with our families.

In the 3rd to 5th grade “Harry Potter and UU” class, we will review all of the horcruxes (persistent evils) we have worked together to impact (racial inequality, illiteracy, harm to the environment, poverty, animal cruelty, hunger, and child slavery). We will do a litter clean-up of the church and courthouse parking lot, and we will have a final ceremony to receive our wizardry certificates for the year.

In the 6th-7th grade “Bibleodeon” course, we will review the year by creating a mural depicting stories from the Hebrew and Christian Bibles, from the story of creation in Genesis through stories of Jesus’ life. And we will go out to the Peace Garden to make human sculptures of the stories we appreciated most.

In the 8th grade “Heeding the Call” course, we will discuss what we’ve learned about being an ally to a person or cause that we care about. We will help with preparations for the Coming of Age service and close with a ritual about presence, inspired by Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers of America.

In the High School “Coming of Age” course, the youth will experience a rite of passage ceremony with their families, select elements for the June 10 Coming of Age service, and work with Rev. Carolyn, Rev. Caitlin and their mentors to finalize their faith statements, or credos” for the service.

Thank you to:

Ben parent, Carol Irwin and Lynette Gardner for substitute teaching in May. Katie and Kylie heard, Gabby Martin, Mackenzie and Jordyn Mershon for assisting with childcare for our Annual meeting. Jim Mello for assisting our PreK/Kindergarten students in making their adorable Mother’s Day gifts. Tracey Dubee for sharing with our 3rd – 5th graders her knowledge of the Green Sanctuary process and other ways to “live green.”

Rev. Caitlin