July 2017  
President's Monthly Column

Summer 2017

Sitting here, thinking of my summer newsletter column and songs are running through my head. (Note: this is not unusual.) I’m hearing, “June is busting out all over; all over the meadow and the hills” and “Summer is a-coming in; loudly sing cuckoo.” And I’m thinking of summers past and summers future . . . and this summer. What will it hold?

By now, you are aware that All Souls is adopting a new, shared leadership model, with the election of Co-Vice-Presidents, Laurel Holmes and Maggie Clouet. This is new territory for us and as the Board of Trustees continues to meet on its regular schedule – the third Thursday of each month – we will work through what this new model means and how we can best implement it. We will also continue our conversations around All Souls’ mission and ministries. During these months, we will welcome at least one new Board member, Brad Mock. We will work to re-group and develop as a new team, learning about each other, and how we work. We hope to review a draft of the new Long Range Plan, covering 2017-2022. We will stay on top of the All Souls budget and explore options for getting us to implement our desired “Staffing for Growth” model. In August, we will hold our annual Summer Board Retreat, where we will prepare for the coming year. I hope that this summer will provide us greater opportunity for reflection and growth, both as individual Board members and as a group.

This past year, the Board began a practice of assigning a short reading (3 -7 pages), focused on a topic of interest and importance to the congregation. Then we set aside time at our meetings for rich conversation on this reading, what it means to us individually and what implications it might have for All Souls. This has been fun, engaging, and challenging. Some of the readings push our buttons and some resonate deeply. All have provided us the opportunity to learn. We’ve laughed, sighed, and taken risks in our sharing. It has been a gift to have the time in our Board meetings to spend this way and I am committed to continuing this practice over the summer and throughout the year to come.

Personally, I hope to find time this summer for some rest and relaxation. Spending time with my family, getting some projects done at home and simply being. We can never have enough time to just be. I wish for you the gift of time and rest, and fun and growth this summer.

In faith,
Liz Binger, President