September 2017  
President's Monthly Column

September 2017           


When I agreed to take on the role of President for the All Souls Board of Trustees, it wasn’t the size of the job that worried me . . . it wasn’t the (sometimes) seemingly endless schedule of meetings. It wasn’t any of the things that most folks might think it would be.  Instead, it was the monthly newsletter column. My predecessor, Clare Evento, had such a mastery of this task, as did her predecessor, Lynn Tavormina.  All of the congregation’s recent Presidents have been masters at writing the newsletter column.  They wrote eloquent, relevant, and compelling articles.  I feared how I would measure up. Many folks know that I struggle with deadlines – unless it’s a grant deadline!  If I hear “August 15th” I translate that to “August 15-ish.”  Here it is, 5:20 p.m. on August 15th and today is the deadline.  I’ve thought about it, but here I am, putting “pen to paper” for the first time.

There are so many things to write about, including the recent events in Charlottesville VA.  But, what can I say alongside the amazing writing of so many of you?  I’ve read your writing on Facebook and in the All Souls Chat.  I am blown away by your clear, succinct and beautifully written words.

What I do know is that I am so proud and so relieved and so happy that I have All Souls with me, especially in these challenging times. I know that I’ve shared our story many times with many people – when we moved to Connecticut in Winter 1996, one of the very first contacts we made was to then-minister, Reverend Dr. Ellen Johnson-Fay.  I remember sitting on the steps in her tiny office at the back of our sanctuary on Huntington Street and learning about All Souls. I remember George and I telling her our story. We were so happy to find you.  Over the past 21+ years, there have been multiple times when you came to our assistance, to support us, to comfort us, and to celebrate with us. I am honored to count you among my family and friends.  I am grateful to those who came before us and ensured that you would be here for us when we arrived, scared and sad and nervous.  And I am proud to be among those who are ensuring that All Souls will be here for those to come, through our gifts of the “Three T’s” – time, talent, and treasure.

At the most recent Stewardship Team meeting, chairperson Leanda Zupka shared the following for our chalice lighting:

“We got you. Your fare has been paid by those who’ve come before. Come on board, sit down, and take a rest. You, the stranger, you, the sad, you, the fearful, you who feels alone, your fare has been paid by the people of faith who’ve built these walls and built these ministries and built this faith of hope and love.”

Now this doesn’t mean that we can sit back and relax, because the work was done by our predecessors.  No, it means the work is on-going.  We must all be part of the team who works to ensure All Souls’ strong, vibrant and meaningful future.  So, join me in this great task.  As we move into another church season, remember the words from a favorite Choir song: “There’s always room for one more.” 

Welcome to All Souls, where all Souls are welcome.

With great faith and love,

Liz Binger, President