March 2018  
Treasurer's Report

Treasurer’s Report

Figures are for July 01- November 30, 2017

Our Net Operating Income (“NOI”) for November month-end was $44,875; October month-end NOI was $52,343.  Looking at the same five months last year, our Net Operating Income then was $36,131.  So, while we have declined slightly from the previous month, we are ahead of where we were last year at the same time.

Our Projected Year-End Income [which is derived from looking at the current period’s Year-to-Date (“YTD”) figures and comparing them to the YTD figures during the same time last year] is $12,564.  Our Projected Year-End Income last year at this same time was $11,006.  We ended the year with a surplus of $3,819.  So, we need to continue monitoring both income and expenses closely.

After the close of the 2016/2017 Fiscal Year, we reviewed the outcomes for NOI vs. the Projected Year-End Income over the past few years and it turns out that the Projected figure is a better indicator of where we ended those years. 

We are in a good position so far this year given that these results are for the first five months of the fiscal year.   As mentioned previously, there are so many fluctuations and variables in the arenas of income and expenses, that these figures clearly are not absolute. 

​Payment Options:​

Did you know that you can pay your financial commitment with stocks and bonds?  A fair number of congregants pay in that manner.  We have a financial arrangement with Charles Schwab to sell any donated stocks and bonds and we provide to you information on the price of the securities sold for your tax records.  This can be a smart way of funding, especially for stocks that have appreciated.  You can contact the person that prepares your taxes for more information on whether this would be advantageous for you.  Also, if you have any further questions, please contact me.

If you ever have questions about anything mentioned in these reports, please contact me in person or send me an e-mail.

Tom Lescoe, Treasurer,