Co-Presidents' Monthly Column

January 2020



Welcome all, to a new decade. 2020 is here.

Will it be an update of the “Roaring 20s?”

At All Souls it will not be the Boring 20s!

Our goal in re-designing and expanding our space is to have a functioning kitchen, community space, and efficient traffic flow to better create a sense of the sacred, an oasis for both contemplation and the work of social justice within and beyond our walls. 

On December 15, 2019 we held a town hall meeting to share new information and gather ideas to make our congregational home a place more conducive to our mission.  Opinions and ideas were expressed. Of course! We are UUs and  democracy in action is sometimes boisterous, freewheeling, and most certainly not a list of simple bullet points especially when the process is a complex intersection of finance, design, commitment, and vision.

In the midst of said intersection are questions that include the following. 

We are waiting for more details about a construction loan. Among other questions are these: Once the construction loan reverts to a mortgage, how much will the monthly mortgage payment be? What would be the impact on All Souls’ annual budget?

Much discussion focused on the design of the narthex. “Narthex” What a word! I looked it up. From medieval Latin, rooted in Greek, it now connotes antechamber, a passage space for transitioning from the challenges of the day-to-day to a place where we consider and act on the reason we have all joined this group of All Souls.  Such a space is worth serious discussion.

Vision! What is our vision for the future of All Souls? We are more than a building. More than bricks and mortar. Yet our church should be a space that reflects who we are.  We may be curmudgeonly New Englanders, sure, but in addition to our pragmatism we appreciate beauty and consider ourselves linked to each other with a commitment to making a better world.  

This building project is a process, my friends. Not simple, not easy, but necessary.

I am so grateful we can congregate and share ideas.

I am proud to be a part of this journey with all of you.

Happy New Year!