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To keep you updated on all things building project!

From our September Newsletter:


On Saturday, August 24, the Stewardship Committee began the new fiscal year with our annual retreat. We welcomed new members: Emmy Franklin, Joel Ackerman, and Brad Mock.

On the agenda for the retreat was a debriefing of the 2018-2019 annual campaign. One hundred fifty two households made financial commitments amounting to $374,898.00 toward the 2019-2020 operating budget. Committee members discussed what they viewed as successful practices and areas in need of improvement. In preparation for the retreat, Reverend Carolyn asked committee members to read an excerpt from the book, Ministry and Money, A Guide for Clergy and Their Friends by Dan Hotchkiss. The messages of Chapter 7, "Advocating for Generosity" affirmed some practices we already use and encouraged new ways of thinking about strategies for a stewardship campaign. We must all keep in mind that a successful campaign will provide the financial support necessary to make it possible to achieve the goals established by the All Souls Board of Trustees and our ministry this year.

As of mid-August, $290,890 in capital financial commitments has been paid toward our building project. These contributions are extremely helpful as we begin the process of procuring a building loan. A reminder to clearly indicate on your check whether your contribution is for the annual budget or the capital campaign.

We invite every member of All Souls to join in our vision by giving generously to maintain and enhance the health of our faith community.

Questions? Henrietta Mountz, Stewardship Co-chair at henrietta68@comcast.net or 860-339-5178

Tom Lescoe, Stewardship Co-chair at tlescoe@hotmail.com or 413-824-7688

Daniel Spurr, Stewardship Co-chair at bandanmanspu@yahoo.com or 860-389-2054


All Souls received Planning and Zoning approval for our building project on August 1 based on the site modifications developed by CLA Civil Engineers and detailed plans from our architect Dan Glynn. Unfortunately, two weeks later Carlin Construction’s newest cost estimate, informed by our recently completed 100% design development and engineering studies, exceeded our budget by approximately 40 percent. Options to reduce costs are being considered, while maintaining priorities for community room, kitchen, and classrooms as well as quality and aesthetics. The Board is also working on a congregation-wide process to help determine both short and long-term options for 25 Jay Street. The need to consider changes affects the construction timetable, but it is too early to determine by how much. Onward!

The Solar Panels support deadline is September 15. All Souls has preliminary approval for $150,000 to support solar pan-els and energy-efficient HVAC. Jonathan Harger (hejeharger@atlanticbb.net) is looking for businesses or individuals that might participate in the state’s tax credit option. He has packets with details. This is a parallel project, led by the Green Sanctuary team.

Neal Overstrom, Building Committee Chair at bc@allsouls.net or 860-639-8535

SPACE FORCE (AKA Alternate Space Team)

The leadership at Temple Emanu-El has been informed that our building project will be delayed. Rabbi Marc Ekstrand offered his support and this lovely response to the news, "Well, this will give us more time to prepare our welcome for your coming."  The contract will need to be adjusted to reflect a new time frame.

Sue Frankewicz will continue to work on accommodating meeting space needs. Stay tuned!

Questions? George Dowker, Space Force Chair at dowker@snet.net or 860-235-6247


From our July/August Newsletter:


As of June 18, 168 households have contributed to the Capital/Stewardship Campaign.

The Annual Campaign total is $373,798.00. The Capital Campaign total to date is $1,163,057.00. The Capital/Stewardship Campaign Committee wishes to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for the wholehearted support we have received from you, the congregation, as “We Are Building a New Way.”

As this fiscal year draws to a close, we begin to write checks for support of the operating budget of the new fiscal year and for our commitment to the capital campaign. Please remember to indicate clearly which check is for the annual operating budget and which check is for the capital campaign. It would be very helpful if congregants who are able, would front end their capital campaign commitment payment this summer. All Souls must put up a substantial amount of money as a down payment to our bank for a construction loan so that we can begin our building project in September.

The Stewardship Committee is already planning for the next fiscal year and will have a retreat to plan the campaign on August 10. We are hoping that some of you will decide to join us in the growing and nurturing of All Souls, which is what stewardship is all about.

Questions? Henrietta Mountz, Stewardship Chair, henrietta68@comcast.net or 860-339-5178 or

Tom Lescoe, Stewardship Chair, tlescoe@hotmail.com or 413-824-7688


SPACE FORCE (AKA Alternate Space Team)

Our work is winding down! Beginning this fall we will meet for services at the Temple Emanu-El, 29 Dayton Rd, in Waterford. All Souls will let everyone know the exact dates and times. This space will accommodate our worship service, Faith Formation classes, choir rehearsal, and our post - service social hour. We are finishing the agreement now.

Our office staff will move to 25 Jay Street, the house we bought to house a refugee family.

Sue Frankewicz will continue to deal with meeting space issues if any come up. She seems to have that task well in hand.

It has been a great committee to work with.  Sue Frankewicz, Kate Treadwell-Hill, Frida Berrigan, Peter Whipple, and Lorraine Allen have all done great work and you should feel free to thank them for their hard work and service to this congregation.

Questions? George Dowker, Chair, dowker@snet.net or 860-235-6247


The Building Committee continued to work with consultants on pre-construction and design development phases of the project for obtaining the requisite permits and approvals in advance of breaking ground.

The site assessment by Catalyst Environmental is complete.  As reported last month, the presence of coal ash beneath the pavement required additional chemical analyses to be completed and further tests of soil structure for engineering purposes.  At this time, they reveal no major  challenges, though additional testing and mitigation measures may be required during construction.  A soil analysis report is forthcoming, allowing the structural engineers to complete design development drawings for teh next round of cost estimating.

Our civil engineering firm, CLA, is nearing completion of the Planning and Zoning application materials for the City of New London with intentions to meet the submission deadline this month for review at the Commission’s July meeting.

Neal Overstrom, Building Committee Chair, bc@allsouls.net or 860-639-8535


Our committee is taking a breather. Our next step is to complete and distribute event reports so that we can use this helpful information to improve our events for next year.

Elizabeth Spurr, Co Chair, thelizlarsons@yahoo.com or 860-501-8109

Sher Lofgren, Co Chair, sheryllynnlofgren@gmail.com or 203-848-7865