Minister's Monthly Column

April 2020



Hello Dear Souls,


The staff and I have a mantra of late that goes like this, “Shoot for the low bar in all things. Connection is the most important goal.”

Connection. We are learning new ways of connecting and relying on all manner of old-school ways of doing the same. (Telephone anyone? Cards and letters?)

And yet the bottom line is, All Souls is in a strong position to weather this storm. As Laurel Holmes said in her column, “These times are unprecedented and All Souls is rising to it.” Indeed.

We are not publishing a newsletter in May so be sure to check the weekly eblast to learn about emerging ways of connecting as well as updates on our building project which at this point is moving along nicely. (see page 11 for details) I’ll also be posting a weekly reflection there. (A short one!)

At this point we will continue to make calls; Coming of Age youth continue to meet (although the date of the service has been postponed in hopes that we will be able to return to Unity Hall by June); Sharing Circles are happening; the work of All Souls continues beyond our walls at the New London Meal Center.

We keep on.

As I was out for a walk yesterday, a man came out onto his porch. We were strangers to each other but we each were hungry to offer a mutual greeting, “How are you doing?” “I’m hanging in! How are you doing?” I said the same, “Hanging in!” To which he responded, “We’ll get through this!” I believe him.

We’ll get through this. We’ll get through not without certain loss finally but perhaps in some ways changed for the better.

You are in my heart, my thoughts, my prayers, dear Souls. I miss you like crazy and dream of the day we will gather in Unity Hall once again.

With Love in this time and always, Carolyn