Minister's Monthly Column

January 2020



What lies ahead, I wonder.  As Maggie Clouet said in the president’s column, at All Souls, it won’t be the “boring 20s!”

We’re already feeling the stress of what will surely be a difficult presidential campaign.  At their winter retreat, your Board of Trustees, staff, and ministers will be considering how we might best support the congregation as well as animate our 6th principle that says, “We covenant to affirm and promote the right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large.”  Our Unitarian Universalist Association has put in place a program called “UU the Vote” with a goal to get out the vote.  We’ll be taking a look at what’s planned and considering participating.  You can take a look here:

That said, I’m reminding myself that taking a “news Sabbath” is good for one’s spiritual and mental health.  Take heed, dear Souls.

What else …

Our building project is teaching us the wisdom of letting go of particular expectations.  I know: how’s that for donning rose colored glasses?  But seriously, we’re moving along and 2020 will bring with it our much-anticipated ground breaking and building.  What a happy day that will be.  We’ve gotten estimates of between 6 – 9 months to completion.  We’ll know more definitively once the design and construction contract is finalized.

More joyful yet … come April ten of our youth will come of age in that poignant rite of passage that All Souls joyfully anticipates.   Come June our UUA’s General Assembly takes place in Providence bringing thousands of our siblings in faith to our neck of the woods.  See page 19 for registration details and know that we will be chartering a bus for the Sunday morning worship service on June 28. 

And there will be all the joy of your own lives, joy that so many of you so generously share with the Souls who join you in rejoicing.  There will be sorrow, too no doubt.  That is also shared in the embrace of our communion. 

Here is what we all know: all of life is change and flow.  Who knows what lies ahead in this New Year that is about to unfold?  But what we can count on is the rhythm of our sacred community:  there will be worship every Sunday, our glowing center; there will be pots of coffee brewing for coffee hour that follows; the “Black Lives Matter” banner will be carried out to the street in a public witness that is now in its fourth year; the congregation and the choir will sing; hands will be joined as we are sent off with “Go in peace.  Return again with great joy.”


Happy New Year, dear Souls,