January 2020  

January 2020

Lifespan Faith Formation

All Souls Unitarian Universalist faith formation
nurtures liberal religious discovery and the spiritual development of children, youth, and adults.


Faith Formation News from Perry Montrose,
Director of Faith Formation



Perry's Ponderings

What is your path to understanding the mysteries of life and the divine? Are you a Star Gazer, Mystic, Dreamer, Servant, Champion, Lover, or Child? These are the names of the seven paths for the “God Project” in Coming of Age. Each of the paths describes a way of relating to the sacred, religion, and the holiness of others. You can read the descriptions here: Of course, these definitions are springboards to contemplation and discussion, helping us realize where our focus has been and potentially opening us up to other ways of thinking about the mysteries. The youth found that all of the paths contain an element of interconnectedness, which is at the heart of the meaning of religion.

We preface our Pre-K-Kindergarten curriculum, Spirit Play, by telling the children, “This is a place to talk and think about things like love, friendship and nature, as well as things we don’t quite understand and have questions about, which is called Mystery. Our classroom is a place to feel the Spirit of Love and Mystery (that some people call God) in our hearts, and it’s a place to talk to the Spirit, sometimes by singing, or doing art, or being quiet and just listening.” In this way, we provide a space for children to explore with wonder the topic of the day, their connection to one another, and the divine. The “Spirit of Love and Mystery” is left to be answerable only in your own heart and through your experience, yet something that can be explored and further discovered. This is how we continue to define our faith and form more strands in the web of interconnection, no matter our age.

Adults have an opportunity to explore their faith and what it means to be Unitarian Universalist at Faith Friday on January 10 (see page 16 for details). Ann Kadlecek, our ministerial intern, will lead a program based on the adult faith formation curriculum, Articulating Your UU Faith. I will be doing a version of this with the children that evening. Our process will help us know better the core of our personal faith and allow us to explain with more precision the faith community that we share. We often struggle to put into words what we know in our hearts and minds about All Souls and Unitarian Universalism. By articulating that knowing, we increase its power in our lives and the effect it has on the world around us. Gathering for Faith Friday is one more way we build the interconnectedness that we recognize as holy, regardless of our individual paths.


Thank you:

Families who took time to deliver holiday gift baskets to Souls in need of a little extra cheer this holiday season: the Davies-Smiths, Egos, Van Dyke-Heards, Mellos, Millers, Mocks, Richards, and Veltheims.

Lynette Gardner and Erin Tudisco for jumping in as substitute teachers with little notice.

Lillith Davies-Smith, Kylie Heard, Darly Horst-Loy, and Barbara Montrose who provided childcare during the December town hall meeting.