November 2018   

Stewardship News for January 2018

Here at All Souls, we celebrate the cycles of our congregation’s life. We celebrate those who have come before us and who did the hard work of laying the groundwork to make this a welcoming, vital congregation that has an impact on our community and our world.

Here at All Souls each person is welcome, supported and loved.

Here at All Souls we practice the art of community where each person’s gifts of time, talent and treasure are important and essential and cherished.

Here at All Souls we find a way to support not only those who are here now but also those who will be here tomorrow.

Here at All Souls we plan for tomorrow because tomorrow is as important as today.

On February 4, 2018 we will kick-off All Souls’ annual financial commitment campaign. There will be a celebration and cake! You will be invited to consider your financial commitment for the 2018-2019 church year, so that those who do the day-to-day financial planning will be able to do their job. This congregation has been doing a great deal of work on this already. Together we have created our new Long Range Plan, which can be found at  This is our plan for All Souls’ future. It was designed not only to support our current work but also to accommodate the growth that we are experiencing and expect to continue. Together we conceived this plan, together we agreed on this plan, together we voted to approve this plan, and together we must support this plan.

Between February 4 and March 18, you will hear a great deal about Stewardship, about our shared future, and our vision for the next five years.  This will come to you through newsletter articles, eblast announcements, information at the Welcome Table, Sunday morning testimonials from All Souls’ congregants, and through facilitated small group conversations and discussions. All Souls leaders can’t operate in a vacuum. Your input is vital to our ability to move ahead and bring our dreams to reality so take advantage of every opportunity to participate and to have your voice be heard.

Here at All Souls Sunday attendance is robust, Sunday School classrooms are full, and we have programs and community engagement in all directions.   We have accomplished all of that without sufficient staff and straining our facilities. Our Long Range Plan seeks to correct that. This is not bad news, it’s good news - it means we are a vibrant congregation, making a difference to each other and to the larger community. Now we need to match our resource commitments with our values commitments. It is our turn; each of us needs to step up and make a financial commitment.

Here at All Souls we are linked together you and I, to All Souls’ past, to its present and to its future.


In faith, Your Stewardship Team