August 2019   
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Summer 2019

Lifespan Faith Formation

All Souls Unitarian Universalist faith formation
nurtures liberal religious discovery and the spiritual development of children, youth, and adults.


Faith Formation News from Perry Montrose,
Director of Faith Formation



Perry's Ponderings

There is something different about summertime, even in the current trend of fast-paced life. For many children, summer is not as laid-back as it used to be, whether because of more organized activities or work life for parents. Nevertheless, there is still a change in the experi-ence of those activities and the air in which we experience them. Summer days are often some of the most memorable and the long break from regular school gives a freedom that spurs awareness and growth.

Summertime Fun & Games at All Souls is an opportunity to make our congregation part of those special memories for each child. We organize fun activities and games for the chil-dren each Sunday in the summer. Whether dance, water games, an obstacle course, or yoga, the summer activities take on a special feeling. The bonds formed in the fun happen in a different context than regular classes. When children are present for that, it creates a memorable connection to the community. It takes the camp experience that is dear to so many and links it with faith community. That deepens the bonds between the children and associates Faith Formation with the simple fun of summer.

My cousins and I still vividly remember summer weeks when my family would show up at their house near the beach for fun-filled days and evenings - biking in the breeze, outdoor seafood dinners, and walks through the reeds taller than we were. The warmth, light, and freedom give those memories a special feeling and coming of age experience. We did not see each other all that often, but we still retain a special bond.

Joining Fun & Games is not just about having something to do during the service, but an important piece of Faith Formation, the association of fun and laughter with people you deeply care about. Be sure to join us on summer Sundays to weave another dimension to your family’s congregational web of connection.

All Faith Formation 2018-19 volunteers (teachers, substitutes, nursery care providers, music volunteers and chalice lighter scheduler) for all they have given in energy, time, and care.

All those who participated and helped to make the Faith Formation Sunday Service mean-ingful and fun.

Linda and John Sargent for hosting year-end beach parties for the PreK-K class and Youth Group, along with their families.

June Summer Fun & Games Volunteers: Erin Tudisco, Nancy and Scott Miller.