Sharing Circles

Sharing Circles at All Souls

Supporting and Nurturing One Another on our Spiritual Journeys

Sharing circles are small group gatherings guided by trained facilitators to explore topics of personal meaning.  Groups meet at various times of the day or evening for a specified number of sessions.  Each session lasts up to an hour and a half.  The format in the past has been both in-person (pre-pandemic), and on Zoom during the pandemic.  Groups have also met outdoors in nice weather.

Sharing Circles are a way to connect with others in our congregation who wish to explore their values and ideas of spirituality in a small group setting. The group size is typically between 6 and 10 members, led by trained facilitators. Meetings occur once or twice a month for 90 minutes. Groups typically meet for a total of 4, 6 or 8 sessions, and participants are asked to commit to making attendance a high priority. As we deepen our connections to each other we are better able to care for and support each other—to minister to each other. It’s a wonderful way to get to know people from our congregation in a deeper and more meaningful way.

What Happens at a Sharing Circles Gathering?
gathering begins with a chalice lighting and opening reading. We restate for ourselves the purpose of our gathering, which is to build connections and talk about what deeply matters. Then each member of the group is given the chance to “check-in”, sharing for a minute or two how things are going for them, spiritual or physical cares or concerns. After that we review our group covenant and begin our sharing on the topic for the day, with guiding questions to focus our sharing. Each person takes a few minutes to reflect on their personal experiences related to the topic, without interruption or commenting from any other group members. If there is time at the end of our sharing we open up the time for discussion. We end our time together with a check-out and a closing reading. It is really a wonderful way to spend 90 minutes, reflecting and listening to each other. If you are interested in joining a group there is a space for you.

Joining a Group
Are you interested in joining a Sharing Circle? Send an email to, or contact one of the Sharing Circle steering team members:

Kathy Fleissner 
Carol Irwin    

Susanne Colten-Carey


Sharing Circle Sessions - NOTE TO FACILITATORS: We are re-establishing the links to our sessions, which were lost when the website went down recently.  If you are looking for a particular session, please email Lynn Tavormina who may be able to put the link up, or send you the session. 

Below you will find sessions listed in four different groups - General Sessions, Exploring All Souls Sessions, Sessions for 60+ groups, and Youth Group Sessions. Those marked with an asterisk * were added in 2014. Those marked with ** were added in 2015. Those marked with *** were added in 2016.

General Sessions

Afterlife and Immortality


Animals (March 2017)

Ask Me What I'm Living For


Beauty as Spiritual Impulse*

Be the Change

Beyond the Word God

Black Lives Matter - Waking up White ***

Calling - A Vocation to be Fully Human


Covenants **

Dreams ***

Earth Day ***

Endings and Leave Taking*

Enlightenment in Winter **

Eulogize Me Now ***

Faith in Action





Getting Acquainted *

Getting to Know You

Gossip **



Holding Fast to Dreams**

Holding On and Letting Go


How We Are Named (Feb 2017)

Humor All Around Us ***

Humor Through Our Ages ***

If You Could Invite Three People

Into Adulthood-Adolescence and Teenage Years

Into Our Own - The Experience of Adulthood

It Matters What We Believe


Letting Go **

Letting Your Light Shine


Live in the Present

Living in a Capricious World (March 2017)

Living with Anger


Making a Living, Making a Life

Money and Our Spiritual Lives

Movies With Meaning

New Year - Endings and Beginnings

Our Relationship with Death and Dying


Preparing for Christmas

Problems and Gifts

Questions at the End of the Day


Racism - Soulwork*

Radical Hospitality

Reaching Out

Recalling Childhood

Reflections on Rumi's Poem - This Being Human

Remembering Our Parents

Resilience and Resistance (March 2017)




Sharing Our Passions

Sit It Out or Dance

Social Justice Passions

Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Journeys

Spiritual Practices

Taking Time to Think

The Bucket List

The Music of our Lives

The Oneness of All Things

The New Year's Resolution Dilemma

This I Believe

To Live Deliberately


Transformation - New Year's - Endings and Beginnings

Transitions **

Unwise Purchases

Where Did You Come From - Where Have You Been?

Who's Your Daddy ***


Sessions Adapted for 60+ Groups


Gratitude and Grief

Holding On and Letting Go

Life's Journey and Spirituality

People in Our Lives

Reflections on Death and Dying

Eulogies and Remembrances

Ask Me What I'm Living For

Transitions as We Age


Exploring All Souls Sessions

Spiritual Journeys

The Seven UU Principles *


Social Justice Passions

Belonging in Community


Youth Group Sessions


Counterculture and Its Impact




Race and Justice

Santa Claus

Sexism and Feminism in Main Stream Media


Star Trek, Hope and Imagination